Making Work Easy through


Employees, and humans in general act upon things when they can relate to it, not otherwise.

Ease of Use

Even if they can relate to it, things get done when the effort required is relatively less in given options.

Addictive technology around us is designed with these two (relatability and ease of use) basics in mind. This raises similar expectations from knowledge workers as they navigate the new world of work. The 5-step EasyWork methodology is a simple approach, that helps bring about work, worker and workplace efficiency. It’s adoption will go a long way in attracting and retaining scarce talent, giving corporate organisations and leaders a strategic advantage.

Introduction to EasyWork

About EasyWork

Leadership and employees alike have faced difficulties in returning to a sense of normalcy in the new ways of hybrid work, in the post Covid world. While knowledge workers embrace the growing ease of working off digital platforms, the gap between the ease of working virtually and in the physical world widens. The world of work is hurtling towards being on metaverses; and with that, expectations of smooth experiences while traversing the physical world of work rise. If people recognize a difference between the experiences of working remotely (virtual world) and from office (physical world), the hybrid model will suffer damage. Neither leadership, nor employees want the hybrid model to go away. 

The Authors

Work Made Easy is an upcoming book, co-authored by Parthajeet Sarma, John Hoffmire and Raj Krishnamurthy.

Parthajeet Sarma

Mumbai-based Parthajeet is a Chevening scholar (University of Oxford) and a workplace experience designer focused on workplace strategy and change management, following data-driven approaches.




John Hoffmire

Oxford-based John is chairman of Cadence Innova, a change management consulting firm based in London. Before beginning his teaching at University of Oxford and becoming Chairman of Oxford Pharmaceuticals, John had a twenty- year career in equity investing, venture capital, consulting and investment banking.


Raj Krishnamurthy

London-based Raj is the founder and CEO of Freespace, one of the fastest growing workplace technology solutions providers. He balances his passion for technology with creating value-based solutions that sustain for the long term. He is an expert in user-centric thinking solutions and systems.


3d book display image of Work Made Easy

Coming soon, in March 2024

The one and only book, co-authored by Parthajeet Sarma, John Hoffmire and Raj Krishnamurthy that delves into the need for making work easy, and lays down a 5-step methodology for effecting that in organizations.

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